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Wildfire Training

Global Front Line Solutions, LLC, provides accredited instructors to teach wildland fire training courses, in accordance with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group standards.We cater to private industry, fire academies, higher education institutes, rural and municipal fire departments.We will schedule and come to your location to maximize availability to your target audience.We are proud to offer training courses that creates significant cost savings to your organization without compromising quality.



Our core training curriculum includes:

Incident Command System- Introduction to ICS-100
Incident Command System-Basic ICS-200
Introduction to Basic Wildland Firefighting Suppression-130
Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Suppression-190
Wildland Firefighter I Squad Boss Suppression-131
Single Resource, Crew Boss Suppression-230
Single Resource, Engine Boss Suppression-231
Multi-Resource, Initial Attack Incident Commander Suppression-200
Sand Table/Tactical Decision Making Exercise Delivery and Facilitation
Introduction to Fire Line Leadership-180
Fire Line Leadership-280